Thursday, May 3, 2012


2 Days from now, it will all be said and done...and I for one, CAN'T FUCKIN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did my morning check in with Joe, sent the shitty pics over to him (yeah, that's my attitude at this point) and we continued forth with the plan for the day. A slight tweak to my macros..Bumped up my carbs and dropped protein and fats a bit. Overall, about 30g Fat, 160g Carbs and 120g Protein. Lemme tell ya, I am starving!!!!! My head is all over the place that in prepping my meals, I only broke my macros up into 5 meals instead of 6...Wow, was I pissed when I realized that! Anywho, cut back on my salt a bit today and dropped ALL sweeteners...No Walden farms, no crystal light...but I did give in and have some gum tonight. It's chew gum or my own arm at this point, I figure gum was the better option. I'm still feeling "eh" about my physique but a nice pump up workout in the gym was just what I needed...I was full, hard and vascular..Slap on some tanner and lets do this shit!!!!

Other than that, I'm spending the night prepping all my meals for tomorrow and Saturday thru showtime! I'm also getting all my shit packed up for the trip..everything for tomorrow, plus show day. I am an over packer..always afraid of forgetting something...everything! Literally..between my kitchen, bathroom and spare house looks like a fuckin bomb went off. But, things are coming together and one way or another I will be ready.

Right now, I await my wife's arrival..or as most know her...Rosie <3 She's spending the night at my house, helping me get ready...a night full of grooming..oh joy! Tomorrow, I have a morning check in with Joe...a final cardio session...drop my babies off at my Momma's house and then on the road we will go! It's about a 5+hr drive, then I have check-in, tanning and my yeah, busy day to say the least.

So for now I say, thanks for following along..
For those of you making the trip...I'll see ya in Richmond!
And for everyone else on the crazy train, I promise a full recap when I return!

CHOO CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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