Tuesday, May 1, 2012

T-minus 4 days!

Sometimes, I think this week is going by too slow...
Then, when I think of all the shit I still have to do, I feel like I don't have nearly enough time..I need more hours in my day! I'm just feeling all over the place...constantly running but not getting anywhere, oh well...I just have to relax and know it will all come together. ((If you know me, you know that was just me trying to convince myself LOL!)

I took a set of pics and set my info over to Joe. I was still not digging my look..SKINNY...YUCKY! but after breakfast and getting a nice pump during my workout, I was actually feeling pretty good about things...looked fuller/harder. I did a light back and bi workout, then followed it up with a half hour of steady state cardio.. My diet wasn't much different today, than yesterday..a bit lower in fat but carbs and protein were the same...still salting and chugging my water like a good girl. After sending my update to Joe, he did make some slight changes to the approach so I'll be updating him in the morning (again with the damn pictures!) and rolling from there.

And in not so shocking news....
I'm in full fuckin bitch mode today!
Seriously, everything and nothing is annoying me..For some reason people are mistaking my sarcasm for humor...No, I really think you're an idiot...I'm not being funny...Just GO AWAY! It's just one of those days where I am snappy for no reason and I'd much rather just be left alone.

Here's hoping for another good night of rest!
Til tomorrow.....

Go ahead...try to not sing along, dare ya!

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