Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 is the magic number.....

 and hopefully I will magically get my shit together!

I did my daily morning check in with Joe, sent pics and some feed back on how I'm feeling. I really do hate the way I look first thing in the morning...and I'm not just talking the lack of make-up either! I feel flat, skinny etc..But, apparently that is a good thing LOL! I hit the gym for a light Chest/Delt and Tri workout...It was definitely a good morale booster. I had a solid pump, filled out, tightened/hardened up...but then I followed with a HIIT session and nearly threw up...I am just so over this cardio bullshit! So, as per the boss my nutrition/macros were the same as yesterday, I still salted my meals but I'm cutting back on my sweeteners/sugar free products and only having a small serving of dairy. Tomorrow, I'll be updating him again and kickin up the carbs a bit so let's see how that goes......

Other than that, I'm trying to get some sort of handle on all the shit I still have to do. Somehow between going to work, training and cardio..I still have to do my food shopping for the weekend, not pack yet, but get everything together...not to mention all the girly shit..nails, toes...blah! Doing it myself is definitely a money saver and I'm all about ghetto glam on a budget but UGH, I would so much rather go get it all taken care of...of course, not sure where I'd fit that into the schedule anyway. I have food prep and a TON of laundry that I need to do, good thing I'll be rockin old black clothes all weekend.

I really don't recall peak week ever being THIS hectic..Or, maybe it's just been that long since I've prepped...Eh, who can figure me out anyway. ((shrug))

Now, I'm off for some rest before another early yet busy day tomorrow!

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