Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maintaining the art of balance...

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to ramble on for a bit here....

Maintaining a balance with my chosen lifestyle is something I have struggled with for YEARS...literally! While I will forever be a work in progress, I have made significant steps forward in living a more balanced life. I am many things, a competitor is just one of them..I am a friend, a sister, a daughter, a girl friend etc.. Many competitors (yes, I am guilty) think they HAVE to live a sheltered, reclusive life in order to be successful or to reach their goals but the reality is, in chasing that one thing...you are missing out on many others.

I am VERY structured and organized when it comes to getting all of my training in, getting my cardio sessions done and most importantly making sure that I hit my macros daily...Do I get a wee bit obsessive about it? Of course ;-) I still have those moments of "WTF how can I do it all!?!?" BUT, I am happy to say those moments are now fleeting and in the grand scheme of things, I do not let it control my life in the same manner that I used to. You can still go out, enjoy yourself, live like a "normal" person and still keep focus on your goals.

Just this past weekend, I faced a couple of "challenges" if you wanna call them that. I went to a hockey game with my brother and dinner with a friend..I was prepared for both. My cardio sessions were finished early, my food prepped and packed with me...There were no excuses, I set myself up for success and fun...you can do both! I spent some quality time, catching up and sharing a great day with people who matter to me. It wasn't about what I was or wasn't eating or drinking...I was just a sister and a friend, hanging out and having a good time and enjoying each others company..doing what "normal" people do AND moving closer to my goals...Both are possible!

I'd be full of shit if I acted like it was easy or that I don't still have to stop and catch my breath before my head spins off my neck when something comes up or doesn't go according to MY plan. If anything I know that I am prepared and that I can handle every aspect of my life...that I really can balance it all. It's never as black and white as I want it to be, as I like it to be but I am learning and growing...

I still have a ways to go, some days are easier to balance than others but I am light years ahead of where I used to be and in the end, progress is all I can really ask for.


  1. I would like to add you are an excellent girlfriend and I AM very proud of how well you balance it all.That's in all honesty. I LOVE YOU DEAR AND A PROUD SUPPORTER.

    J Stottlemire

    1. Thank you for all your love and support..
      You help me to believe in myself when it's a difficult task at times. You make me want to be a better competitor, woman and person <3

  2. Great post Nicole. GOD CAN I RELATE!!!! I am also working on getting more balance and having fun WHILE staying 100% on point with prep. Instead of making it my whole life, it's just part of it now and I am enjoying the process. I owe a lot of it to my BF who set a wonderful example for me and showed me that I can still do others things besides train and weigh my food lol. Great job Nic xoxo
    Your friend & fan, Teresa

    1. Tee Tee..This is something we have always struggled with. It's just a part of who we are and sometimes, we let it consume us. The key is to surround ourselves with the right kind of people...just as you have done with the man you share your life with.
      Each year we grow and things get easier, run a little more smoothly..We'll get it done!
      love you girl