Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mid-Week Check-In, Changes and Rants

This morning I had a mid-week date with the scale (as ordered by the boss man) and it did not go as well as I had hoped or expected. Even though I have been following my nutrition plan as well as my training and cardio programs to a motherfuckin T, the scale was up :( I am sitting at 124lbs even..not up much but enough to make me wanna throw that fucker against the wall. Obviously the logical side of my brain knows that a small fluctuation like that can really be anything...and honestly, I do feel a little I am retaining a bit of water...maybe I am getting my period, who knows?! All I know is that I went from feeling pretty good about myself to feeling like total fuckin garbage the moment I stepped on it...and to be real, I literally wanted to burst into tears.

But, now that I have regained some sanity and perspective.....

As much as the scale deflates me at times, I know it isn't the end all, be all gauge of my progress or my success. Over the weekend I stripped down to a sports bra, shorts and heels and ran through some poses, worked on things and took a good look at the whole picture..I got some great feedback and I honestly felt pretty good about my physique and how I am progressing. I am getting leaner/tighter, seeing my lines take shape so even though the scale isn't telling me what I want, I cannot let it dictate how I feel about myself or my efforts. Throughout my prep, I have NEVER wavered...I give it my everything day in and day out, so no matter what the little fuckin box tells me I know that I am doing everything possible to get where I want to be.

After I got a grip on myself, I sent the dreadful news over to Joe and of course, as usual..he sent some great words of encouragement and talked me off the ledge....then he sent some changes to my program LOL! These are just slight tweaks so as much as I bitch, it isn't any drastic drop in food or increase in cardio...dropping carbs slightly on my medium and high days and adding another HIIT session into the mix and a few minutes to my steady state sessions. I have to admit, the idea of LESS food and MORE cardio doesn't exactly knock my socks off...but, I am excited to watch my body respond and get this fat moving!

Program updates as of 02/15/12
11.5 weeks out (roughly)

35g Fat/105g Carb/140g Protein (low)
35g Fat/130g Carb/140g Protein (med)
35g Fat/155g Carb/140g Protein (high)

45 min SS 3x per week
3 HIIT sessions per week

Multi-V and Vit-C
Champion Nutrition Fish Oil
Champion Nutrition Thermo Gold
Champion Nutrition AdrenNOl8 (pre workout)
Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine (post workout)
Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter Core (intra workout)
Champion Nutrition Whey (post workout/1 scoop)

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