Saturday, February 25, 2012

Updated stats, pics....10 Weeks Out!!!!

Here I sit, just 10 short weeks out from the Pro Bowl.....

This morning, I weighed in and was SUPER excited to see the scale drop yet again...Down another half pound and holding at 120.4lbs! I was feeling tighter and leaner, and lucky for me and my sanity...the scaled followed suit ;-)

Aside from the scale update, it was time to strip down and get in front of the camera! EEEK! Overall, I am feeling pretty good with how I I think I could be BETTER at this point?? Umm...hello, this is ME...of course, but I am seeing progress and my body is responding..that feels good. In looking over the pics, I do see that my upper body and my waistline is coming in and tightening up quite nicely but being a woman (which fuckin blows) my lower body is definitely being a wee bit more ass and hammies are holding onto fat for dear life.

As usual, yes...I was a little disappointed with the pictures as I really think that I look better in person and I don't photograph well. My wonderful and oh so patient photographer...Josh ;-) agreed that the camera doesnt really capture my physique at it's best. Of course, as the boss always reminds me...if I look good in a shitty picture, I am on the right for the sake of my mental stability and those around me, we're gonna go with that...

I sent the pics as well as my stats to Joe and he is very pleased with my progress at this point. Things are moving in the right direction and as per my mid week check in, there will not be any changes to the program as of now. We're going to stay the course and see how my body plays along.

The goods:
10 Weeks Out/120.4lbs

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