Monday, January 16, 2012

Now it FEELS like I'm prepping....

I feel like I finally hit the point where I'm really 'prepping'...Not getting ready to or starting it, etc...but I am in the zone and LIVING it.
Physically, I am seeing and feeling those slight little changes that make it real but since I see myself daily (and scrutinize my body like a motherfucker) it's hard for me to see any differences, but I have been getting some good feedback from people that don't see me often or haven't seen me in a while...Numerous people have asked if I'm "getting ready for something" LMAO! Ummmm...yeah, you could say that. Most importantly, aside from the physical changes...Mentally, I am fully in the zone....pretty much on auto pilot which for me, means I am locked in and just doing what I do.

Sun 01/15
Quads/Calves and 30 min SS Cardio
*Fantastic day of training and a high carb day at that! I was sore from posing class the day before but I was focused and motivated to get it done. I felt good, felt strong...hit 185 for 2 sets of 2 on squats, not a PR but definitely the heaviest I've gone since my back injury so that is a victory in itself. I didn't have a spotter so while I 'think' the depth was there, it's nice to have someone who can really check my form. Aside from heavy BB squats, I did some leg extensions and higher rep sumo squats, then wrapped up with sissy squats to failure...FYI: there is nothing fuckin sissy about them bitches!
I'm feeling the workout today...walkin a lil funny, a total WIN!


35g Fat
180g Carb
140g Protein

Mon 1/16:
Chest/Delts/Tri and HIIT
*There is nothing worse than when my bench day falls on a Monday, aka: International Chest Day :( I was pleasantly surprised to walk right in the gym and get a bench..that rarely happens on a Monday. I was also fortunate that my spotters were benching today too...YAY! My chest is my weakest body part (strength wise) so hitting a PR today felt pretty damn good. I was able to get 115 for a single...Now, I am tough on myself and I think my ass came up a bit BUT, my spotter swears he didn't help and it was solid so I'll take his word for it but I definitely plan on getting it smoother next time. Aside from that, nothing overally exciting but just a solid training session. I wrapped up with a HIIT session and called it a day...My whole body is smoked.


35g Fat
150g Carb
140g Protein

Multi-V and Vit-C
Champion Nutrition Fish Oil
Champion Nutrition AdrenNOl8 (pre workout)
Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine (post workout)
Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter Core (intra workout)
Champion Nutrition Whey (post workout/1 scoop)

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