Saturday, January 7, 2012

17 weeks out!

Today marks just 17 weeks until I step on stage again!
Now, to someone who has never competed...17wks seems like a ton of time but in reality, it's not. To bring the physique that I want to the stage, I have no margin for error.

This morning, I took my first set of pictures and stats for Joe and let me tell you...that was PAINFUL! It was the first time I put on a bikini in well over a year and while I think I am fit/in decent shape in clothes..a bikini is a whole different ball game. My body composition is leaving much to be desired..I am carrying much more body fat than I would like (especially in the ass/hams/hips..oh fuck, everywhere!) and I don't have as much lean mass as I would like but it is what it is at this point. I know that my injuries held me back last year from making the gains I desired but there isn't a damn thing I can do about it now...So, it's all about getting lean and tight! On a side note, my posing is AWFUL! It's been a loooooooong time since I got my quarter turn on so I've gotta get back in the swing of things so I can hit them bitches with ease.

The dirty details and ugly truths:
25.5" Waist (narrowest point)
40" Delts
36" Hip/Glute

And there it is :(
As much as I did NOT want to post these, this is who I am, the real me...this is where I am starting from and it WILL get better each step of the way!

To avoid this post from being a complete bitch-fest...some positive thoughts:

*I'm feeling MUCH better, still not 100% but the flu bug is fading.
*Took a well deserved rest day from training, but still had a solid HIIT session.
*It was a low carb day..I dread these but I was surprisingly, NOT famished :)

Rest Day:

35g Fat
120g Carbs
140g Protein

Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter Core
Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine
Champion Nutrition Fish Oil


  1. kick some ass girl!!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself! Gosh, i remember how your body changes so fast! Go get 'em girl!

    (eyesontheprize for Olife)