Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Up, down and all around......

((Inhale)) and here we go...........

What a week the last one has been.
Anyone who knows anything about me is well aware that I am a creature of habit and a control freak...especially when it comes to my prep. I am organized and have EVERYTHING planned....from my training, to cardio and most importantly my diet. The last week has thrown quite a few road blocks in my way and honestly, I had a few moments of "WTF am I doing?"...that week was capped off by a trip to visit my boyfriend. I was going to spend the weekend with him and being the OCD freak that I am, I had EVERY meal prepared and packed for the entire weekend..I had all my training and cardio sessions already in for the week and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend, which became anything but......

To make a long story short, I ended up traveling during a snow/ice storm and totaling my car in the middle of the night. Physically, I was OK...a few bumps and bruises, a little sore but in the scheme of things, I was very lucky. Now, mentally....I was a hot fuckin mess :/ I don't handle change well in any capacity but in a high pressure/stressful situation, I pretty much just lose my mind. I was panicked about what I was going to do about the car, how I was going to stay on plan without my all my meals, how would I train etc...My head was literally about to spin off my body. I am very fortunate to have a very level headed and quick thinking man by my side. Josh is a fuckin rockstar...he did an amazing job of helping me get a grip on things, handling the car issues, taking me food shopping to make sure I had everything I needed and even getting me to the gym. I made it through the whole weekend, even an extra day which was not part of the "plan" and still managed to stay on track with my prep and not miss a beat.

Dealing with unplanned circumstances that have popped up and just life not really being where I want it to be, I was having second (and third) thoughts about this prep. While I am not a quitter, I was actually considering on putting my competition goals on the back burner until things in my life were a little more in line with what I would consider a perfect time. I am happy to say that the thought was short lived and I have had some sense talked into me. I need to relax and release a little bit of the pressure I put on myself with regards to perfection...Life is never going to be perfect, no matter how much I plan there will always be something that will knock me around a bit. I give my all in everything that I do...I know that even if the situation isn't ideal or how I envision it, if I do my best with what I've got then I can be proud and keep my head held high. I am very lucky to have an incredible support system..I have a good man, who while he doesn't try to change me....he is. Each day I am growing and I'm a better person than the day before because of him. I can't ask for much more than that.....
and ((Exhale))

Now...onto a prep update!

I am a little under 15 weeks out!!! Time is really flying and I am thrilled to see that the little tweaks that Joe has made are getting things moving. Since I was away for the weekend, I checked in this morning and my weight finally dropped....I'm down to 125.4lbs which after being stuck for a while, was a huge lift to my spirit and motivation. I'm feeling and looking tighter..and yes, I'm hungry but finally seeing some progress makes it worth it! There haven't been any changes to my training or cardio so just those little tweaks in carbs have made a difference...looks like my metabolism is ready to get moving! I actually cannot wait to take progress pics and check in this weekend :)))


  1. I am sorry to hear about the car, but I am glad to hear you are okay. It sounds like you have found a keeper in this guy. A strong partner who supports you is important and makes the suck, suck a little less. I am also glad to hear you are sticking it out, as you have already realized, life will never hand you a perfect time free of some type of drama.
    Great news on the progress, the scale can be quite the demotivator when it is not moving in the direction you want it to go. Just keep your head up and know that there is a whole bunch of people that believe in you and know you will do great things. Every time I even consider not going to the gym, I think to myself, “Nicole wouldn’t puss out”. See!?! Without even realizing it, you have motivated people to stop making excuses and to follow their goals. So pat yourself on the back and get to lifting! :) Take care.

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words Earl! You know all to well how much pressure I place upon myself in my quest for perfection...sometimes, I lose my sanity in the process. You have no idea how much it means to me that I can help motivate you in anyway...Reading that, literally made my day! Thanks again, you are a great friend :)