Sunday, March 11, 2012

8 Weeks Out!

8 Weeks, 2 Months...anyway you slice it (cake? wut?!), show time is almost here!

I had a full check in with Joe this weekend and it went really well. My weight was down AGAIN..just a slight drop but enough to get me pumped. I'm sitting at 117lbs on the dot and with just 8 weeks to go I am feeling really positive that things are coming together. I also stripped down and got in front of the camera for some progress pics and I feel like I can FINALLY see the changes in my physique. I'm at the point where my legs are starting to come in a bit and my ass is getting higher :) YAY! Joe is pleased with my progress and where I am at so as of now, we aren't making any changes to the program and just rolling along until my next mid-week check in on Wednesday. One thing that stands out is my lack of posing, I have NOT been practicing like I should, so for the next 8 week I am going to be putting some serious posing time in!

Mentally, I am feeling really good about my progress..Yes, I am hard on myself and ALWAYS on the quest to be better or want more but I can see the changes that I've made and how far I've come. Obviously, I could pick these pictures apart if I wanted to..and I did for a hot second but in looking back (which can suck, but that's why we take progress pics) I am light years ahead of where I was during my last prep at 8 weeks out. I'm 4.2lbs LESS now and carry MORE size than ever before. The reality is, pictures don't lie and I can beat myself up for not being where I wish I was...I have to give myself credit for how far I've come. I've put the work in, I'm doing all I can and the results show that.

As far as the prep itself is concerned...It's kickin' my ass :(
I am energy is next to none. I am starving 24/7..even after eating, my tummy is screaming for more. I am drinking a TON of water, peeing pretty much every 15min LOL and unfortunately not getting nearly enough sleep...even if I get a good amount, I don't ever feel "rested". I've been doing pretty well cutting back on artificial sweeteners but at this point my energy drinks are getting me through the day. I give it my all in the gym, even if some days that isn't much..I don't bail on my training or my cardio..I get it done, even if it's less than stellar, there is no quit in me.

In the end, I'll whine and bitch about being tired, hungry or whatever but I love this sport...It's just what I do.

Ok, enough babbling...onto the goods!

8 Weeks Out/117.0lbs

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