Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ever-shrinking, girlie girl :)

Just 5.5 weeks to go.......

This morning I had a full check in with the boss..scale, pics, the whole sha-bang! I was definitely panicked a little bit. I have been retaining water as I kinda sorta got my period over the weekend (I say 'kinda sorta" but I will spare ya the details LOL)..This is the first prep I have ever had to deal with this whole female bullshit so it's throwing my head for a loop at times. The good news is, the scale continues to drop!!!! I'm down to 113.2lbs after the little tweaks that Joe made after my last check in...OMG I feel soooo fuckin tiny! I ran through my quarter turns quickly for pics and of course, I picked them apart and pretty much hate them but boss man gave me the thumbs up and he's the one callin the shots..he's seeing the progress and we are gonna keep pushing forward!

I know this goes without saying, but I'm not the most girliest of bitches..SHOCKER! But, when it comes to prep and competing, the sight of my suit makes me giggle like a little girl :)) A VERY talented friend of mine (love you T!) blinged it out for me and OMFG she is gorgeous and I cannot wait to try it on! I am a very simple, low key kinda chick in my day to day life..I live in gym clothes with my hair tied up but when it comes to the stage, I can SEE the whole look..from my suit to my hair and tan all coming together. I am literally BEAMING at the thought of it!
Some girls like shoes and purses...I like a blinged out figure suits and spray tans..Mmmmm, I can smell the LSR already! Don't judge me ;-)

Random prep musings:
Slowly narrowing my T walk song down to a few, although still yet to be determined.

*Putting in some practice time on my posing. I wish I were bigger and I could write a novel picking myself apart but to be positive..I did see me some hammies and my delts are nice and veiny!

*Hungry, of course I am! Cravings have been intense..You name it, I want it! The Easter Bunny will be skipping me this year and I'd sell my mom for some candy...specifically, a chocolate bunny with a jar of PB to dip it in! (no offense mom).

*Cutting off my water intake at 8pm has helped me limit my pee interruptions during the night but throughout the day I am pretty much like a toddler.

*I would love some pasta right now...just sayin'

*Lately, I have been told I am "skinny" at least once per day..FYI: Skinny is insulting! I hate skinny, it's not a cute look..I strive to be anything but skinny! UGH! I feel like a fuckin twig right now and being called skinny makes me wanna fuckin scream!!!!!

*My prep "clumsiness" has set in. Its a safe bet that I will bump into something, knock something over and spill something...yes, this is typical "Nic" behavior but it's at a higher frequency right now.

Ok, so as of today there are no changes to the program! We are rollin forward til my Saturday check in........

35g Fat/90g Carb/140g Protein (low)
35g Fat/130g Carb/140g Protein (med)
35g Fat/155g Carb/140g Protein (high)

3 45 min SS sessions per week
3 HIIT sessions per week (12 cycles)

Champion Nutrition Fish Oil
Champion Nutrition Thermo Gold
Champion Nutrition BCAA caps
Champion Nutrition Muscle Nitro PM
Champion Nutrition Power Creatine
Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine (post workout)
Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter Core (intra workout)
Champion Nutrition Whey (post workout/1 scoop)

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