Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The wheels are turning....

After surviving Arnold weekend, I had my check in with the boss this morning and I am thrilled to say that not only did I survive my trip...this bitch THRIVED! I had a significant drop in the scale today, sitting at 117.4lbs with just under 9 weeks to go! I am just 7lbs away from my stage weight from the last competition, but I look completely different...I am carrying more size than I have in the past and my conditioning is better at this point than was the case during my last prep. Joe was pleased with the work I'm putting in and how things are progressing but of course, there is no time to get content...As we all know, the leaner you get...the slower the fat comes off so it's still full steam ahead.

As much as I try (try being the key word) to not let the scale get me too high or too low, it was a great feeling to see my work paying off. More than just the number on the scale, I am seeing changes daily...waist is getting tighter, new veins's all coming together. All of my clothes are starting to fall off me and hang a little differently..the booty is no longer filling out my jeans...the double edged sword of dieting ;-)

Now, with all that said....
Holy sweet baby Jesus, this prep is flying by!
This is now the point where things start getting crazy...or crazier shall I say. I'm in the beginning stages of getting all my ducks in a row with regards to my hotel stay, entry etc...I've already got my spray tan scheduled, the second I booked that...shit got real! Kicking around different music choices and I have things in the works for my suit...and no, don't ask cause you are getting no details 'bout that!

As far as the plan of action, no changes for now.
Going to stay the course til my next check in...


35g Fat/105g Carb/140g Protein (low)
35g Fat/130g Carb/140g Protein (med)
35g Fat/155g Carb/140g Protein (high)

3 45 min SS sessions per week
3 HIIT sessions per week

Multi-V and Vit-C
Champion Nutrition Fish Oil
Champion Nutrition Thermo Gold
Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine (post workout)
Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter Core (intra workout)
Champion Nutrition Whey (post workout/1 scoop)

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