Monday, March 5, 2012

Traveling, Arnold weekend and 9 weeks out!


What a busy last week it has been! As many of you may know, I attended Arnold in support of my boyfriend, Josh who competed at the XPC Pro Powerlifting meet over the weekend. This was his weekend to shine and I am so proud of him...To take the platform and bench with some of the world greatest lifters is an amazing accomplishment. I am motivated and inspired beyond words. It was a crazy busy, yet fun weekend, made some stops to see some friends at the expo...A special shout out to Mike Hoover at the Autism Make it Fit Foundation booth and my friends and fellow athletes at the Champion Nutrition booth. As everyone knows, it's a hectic weekend and unfortunately I wasn't able to see/meet up with as many people as I would have liked so I'm sorry to those I missed :(

Now, aside from the craziness that is Arnold weekend..I am 9 weeks out from the Pro Bowl! Going away and traveling for 4 days while in the middle of my prep was enough to make my head spin right off my neck! I wanted to make this trip super easy on Josh as he had enough to worry about so I tried my best not to get too overwhelmed or obsessive (key word being "tried"). Between my luggage and coolers, you would think I was going overseas...for a month! I was able to prep/pack up 4 days worth of food and supplements so that I hit my numbers down to the last macro...Even though I thought I was prepared, some of my food ended up going bad...that's what ya get for making a 9hr car ride LOL! After the initial panic set in, I was able to work with what I had and still hit my macros. Thank god for protein's a life saver! As far as my training is concerned, I was able to get my cardio sessions in and made it to the gym for a quad workout. Overall, it wasn't the most optimal of situations but, I got it diet was on point and I didn't miss a beat.

Obviously, being away from home I didn't check in this weekend..touched base with the boss but no stats update. If you think I'm getting on any other scale than my own, you have bumped your head...even though the one at the hotel was rumored to measure light and I was tempted, I didn't even go there ;-) I am now back home, catching up on work and things around the house...back in the swing of things as far as my prep goes and I will be checking in with a full update on Wednesday.

In closing....

Make sure to "like" The Autism Make it Fit Foundation page and Champions Fitness Network on Facebook to get great Arnold Expo coverage as well as exciting up and coming events/products....and basically, just do it cause I said so :)

And that's a wrap!


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