Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Days....Time to dial it in!

Oh hella yeah!!!!

10 Days Out from the IFPA Pro we go!!!!

I had my check in with Joe this morning, stats/pics all the goods. I'm still sitting at 110.8-111.0lbs and feeling TINY! I feel 'skinny fat'...I'm very small and IMO too soft, but hey at this point it is what it is and I'm working with what I got. The boss sent over my "FINAL PLAN" this afternoon, which I will start applying tomorrow...I have to admit, I have been dragging and reached the point of prep where I'm like "Are we there yet?!?!" but getting my final plan to really bring all of my work together gave me the kick in the ass to battle through the last week and a half.

As far as my program goes, I will be updating my blog DAILY...I'm sorry in advance for my frequent rambling :) Each day my macros vary as does my cardio/training and I'll also give a little feedback on how I look and feel. Of course, nothing is set in stone as I have to update Joe and he may make tweaks along the way if he feels it's necessary.

Other than that, I'm getting all the details in order...
*Hotel, tan, make-up are all set
*In the process of setting up my poly
*Travel plans are pretty much set...Rosie and Nic on the road together, dont say I didnt warn ya!!!!
*Gotta send over my music later tonight
*Doing the girly shit this, nails etc.
*Babysitter is set, just gotta confirm LOL!
*OCD list making is in full effect...but I will always forget something, always!

So here we go....

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