Saturday, April 28, 2012

7 Days Out...

and let the mental mind-fuck continue........

Today was an "easy" day, if ya wanna call it that. I hit the gym for a HIIT session on the bike and put in some solid time working the heels..I know I'm depleted, blah blah...but I was just looking at myself and got so frustrated with how little and skinny I am...I look like a fuckin' twig :( I coulda threw my damn heel at the mirror! Yes, it was one of those kinda days..

My diet is very sad and leaves me hungry...SHOCKER! I slept in a bit this morning and was super busy running errands all day so overall, I wasn't toooooo preoccupied with my meals. Still salting each meal..had a wicked headache this morning as body is like WTF!? I did struggle to get my water in today which is making me a bit nervous for my check in tomorrow..<biting nails>

35g Fat
70g Carbs
130g Protein

 Random notes:
*Getting all the girly shit taken care of.
*Skin prep underway! Love LSR skin products..I would totally use their body butter year round.
*Got my huur cut...Relax before you bitches slit my throat! Just a trim and layers cleaned up...yes, it's still can breathe.

Another short, but retardedly sweet post :))

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