Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 Days.....

Today the mental roller coaster was a nutty one...I was VERY low, then I took an upswing!

I had to check in with Joe this morning after a few days on my final plan. My weight continues to drop and I was sitting at 109lbs this morning...WOAH! I sent him a round of quarter turns too and UGH, that damn near ruined my day. Again..I'm skinny and stringy...blah blah. I'm sure you're over hearing it, cause I'm over saying it! Overall, the boss says I'm in a good place and on the right track so to follow with the plan and check back on Tuesday...Yes, sir!

My plan for today was the same as yesterday..macros as well as training, or lack there of. I went to the gym for a HIIT session and a round of posing practice. After the gym, getting some errands done and an therapeutic 20min in the tanning bed, my upswing began and I was really feeling much better about myself. I was looking fuller and lean, veins were, if only I could figure a way to get a tanning bed backstage..just sayin' :)

In addition to all the gym, cardio and posing..of course, the tanning..I am getting all the girly shit taken care of as well.  Got my eyebrows did and finally got around to dying my bathroom and my skin is a mess but hey, this bitch is poor and I'm all about beauty on a budget LOL! Details like this make me wish I were a dude and could just shave my head...but then again, my head is WAY too huge for that!


Ps: Tomorrow, I get carbs! Unfortunately it will NOT include dunking Oreo's in milk...whatever!

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