Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 Days Out!

I started my final plan today, just 9 days to go.....

I trained this morning, Back and Hams followed by 45min of steady state cardio. Nothing exciting there, just getting it done.

As far as my diet goes...YUCKY!!!!
35g Fat
100g Carbs
130g Protein

I train in the morning and I consume my carbs around my workout, so that did not bode well for the rest of my day :(  My food choices are still the same with the exception of some added salt and oh boy, can I tell the difference since I never add salt to my foods. It has mad me SUPER thirsty, as if I don't drink enough...I got about 2gal in today, give or take a few ounces.

Other random tidbits..
Check in, polygraph appt and music all taken care of!
Things are getting checked off the to-do list and baby gurl is on her way!!!!!

Til next time.....

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