Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update and a little perspective....

This morning I had my mid-week check in with Joe and I have to admit...I was pleasantly surprised! I stepped on the scale and saw no change, not even an ounce..I'm still holding tight at 113.0lbs, so with a bit of mild disappointment I stripped down and ran through my quarter turns for the camera. Now, we all know I can be a teeny tiny bit hard on myself (can we understatement!?) but, even I could see the progress I have made from my last set of pics! At this point, the scale isn't really going to move much, if at all BUT as I lean out, it is more than clear in my pictures that my lower body is FINALLY tightening up and joining the party!!! Thank you, booty and hammies :)) This is the first set of pics that I have taken where I can genuinely say that I am pleased with how I look and that the next 4.5wks are going to really be something special. The scale is a tool, it doesn't tell the whole story and the bottom line is....the judges aren't going to ask my weight or BF% anyway! So, the boss is happy and there will be no changes to the program and I'mma rollin forward til my next check in!

Now please forgive me in advance for babbling.......

As I get closer to my show, I seem to have fascinating conversations with different people from all walks of life. Once common theme is most people have a lack of commitment and passion towards anything and it's really very sad. Yes, I am hungry and of course I'd love to have pizza for lunch but nobody is MAKING me do this...I love prepping, I love competing and I am genuinely happy with my life. I go to the gym cause I enjoy it..yes, in a sick and twisted way..even cardio! Watching my body transform is so empowering and rewarding...So please, do NOT feel sorry for me...Feel sorry for yourself and your lack of passion for anything.
And commitment...oh boy, people have a real issue committing to something and following it through. Now, I am not just talking about health or fitness, it really applies to anything in life. Everyone seems to have an excuse for this or that...says one thing but does another. There is nothing worse than the whole "do as I say, not as I do" approach to life..Set an example. Don't just talk about it, do it! Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words. You can run your mouth til your blue in the face but at the end of the day it's what you DO that makes you who you are and truly shows your character.
*jumps off soapbox*

I have to take a quick second to express my heartfelt condolences to the family of Omar Monroig. Those of you following my blog have most likely been touched by Big O in someway. Omar was more than just a fellow competitor, he was a friend. While we had never actually "met" he was always there to lend support, encouragement and shared many laughs and F-bombs with me. Unfortunately, our plans of taking the stage together will never come to fruition due to him being taken far too soon but when I take the stage in May, Imma show 'em how we do it...N is gonna fuckin represent for Big O!
Love you Big guy <3

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