Friday, April 27, 2012

Just one week from now......

I will be chilling in my hotel room all bronzed with some of my favorite people! SO EXCITED!!!!!

The plan for today, was the same as yesterday so nothing exciting to report...

I had a solid Delt and Bi workout followed by 45min of steady state cardio. I felt good, had a nice pump and the veins were poppin...overall a win!

Diet was the same approach as sad!
35g Fat
100g Carbs
130g Protein

Again, I hit the gym in the morning, which means my carbs were consumed around my workout, so that made me a cranky girl the rest of the day. Meals were salted and baby girl was chugging the water...close to 2gals yet again, with ease. Oh and have I mentioned....I AM STARVING!

On a side note:
I was giving a novice BB some advice and perspective after his show last weekend and his drive and passion is so inspiring. I'm getting to the point of prep where I am dragging...Are we there yet!?!? But corresponding with him, hearing his energy and enthusiasm...desire to improve and the work ethic he has just helped to light my fire. I love how hungry he is....ya, know...slightly different than the hungry I am feeling right now ;-)

Til next time.....

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