Friday, April 20, 2012

I just love it....

I've got just 2 weeks until I take the stage and lemme tell ya, this last week was a rough one. Yes, physically I am beat...just exhausted but mentally is where I need to get a grip! Even without prepping, life carries it's own source of stresses and when piling prep on top of it all, I'm actually amazed that I haven't totally lost it....or have I??!

My moods are pretty much a roller coaster ride at this point. One minute I'm fine, the next I am snappy and a total fuckin' bitch...I'm a blink of the eye away from choking the hell out of someone or bursting into tears. My sleep patterns are DREADFUL! I will fall asleep for an hour, then up for the next 3...I toss and turn ALL night, can't get comfortable, belly is GROWLING etc. I'm usually ready for a nap by noon each day and considering I work, that isn't exactly doable. Knowwutimsayin!?!?

Now, with all that bitching out of the way...
I just wanted to take a hot second and thank all of my friends and everyone who has reached out to me, not only within the last couple weeks but really since the beginning of my prep or even throughout a long off season. One thing, IMO that people don't know about bodybuilding/physique athletes is the sense of family and community that brings everyone together. Yes, of course we are competing against one another on stage but in reality we are our own competition and the support from fellow competitors means the absolute world to me. People that I love, respect and admire have gone out of their way to offer words of advice, inspiration or motivation. I have friends who are prepping right along with me and sharing emails, texts and rants etc..I think most people (usually those who know jack shit about the sport) think everyone is catty and all that sort of shit but I can honestly say that this sport has brought some of the most AMAZING people into my world...People who's paths would have never crossed with mine in any other avenue and experiences that could have never been shared. That is one of the most under rated aspects of the bodybuilding lifestyle and it happens to be my absolute favorite.

So, with love...
from me to all my BB family <3

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  1. I hoping I don't make you cry when I see you tomorrow :) I will try my best with Love Black Barbie