Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Steppin it up!

I had my mid-week check in with Joe...stats as well as pics and with just over 3 weeks to go ((GULP)) the boss man is crackin' the whip!

My weight is pretty much holding steady. I was up about a half pound this morning, so I'm roughly 112-113lbs right now...As much as I KNOW better than to let that little box fuck with me, for a hot second did BUT I quickly snapped back to reality. I then stripped down for the lovely round of progress pics..UGH! I fucking hate doing it :( They weren't horrible or anything like that so don't think I've totally lost what little marbles that I have left. I just do not photograph well at it the lighting, my skin tone, not being able to set my poses, whatever..who knows and to be honest, who fucking cares?!?!! I can honestly say that I LOVE MY PHYSIQUE right now...yes, you read that right! No, I'm not 100% ready yet and of course, I am always looking to improve but I can say that even in a shitty picture or sweaty in the gym, I am happy!

At any rate, the boss clearly seeing the need to make some tweaking and with just 24...yea, 24 days to go we are gonna give it hell. No drastic changes, as we all know that isn't Joe's style ;-) We are dropping my carbs on both my "high" and "med" days...High, HA! To help bring the ass and hammies in a little tighter, I'm also adding some sprints to my HIIT cycles and an additional day of steady state cardio. As much as Imma miss my carbs and I hate cardio...the sick freak in me who loves this shit is thrilled to step up my game...This is what I live for!

And now it's time for Nic totally rambling about nothing and everything:

*I'm overwhelmed with all the shit I have on my plate...crossing T's, dotting I's and getting organized is going to send me to the loony bin.
*Due to diet changes, I now have to play with my spreadsheets ((sigh))
*Last night I was googling pictures of Oreo balls and I felt the need to text a friend..
*Apparently, I chew my gum as if someone is going to try and steal it out of my mouth.
*My BF's quad is bigger than my waist...That makes me giggle
*Having my hair down is a great disguise.
*I love baseball season...I am happy, sad, angry, depressed and excited all at the same time...and of course, it makes me CRAVE ballpark food! Can you smell the cheese steaks and crab fries!?!

Ok, bitches.......
3.5wks Out and shit is ON!!!!!!!

35g Fat/90g Carb/140g Protein (low)
35g Fat/120g Carb/140g Protein (med)
35g Fat/140g Carb/140g Protein (high)

4 45 min SS sessions per week
3 HIIT sessions per week (15 cycles)

Champion Nutrition Fish Oil
Champion Nutrition Thermo Gold
Champion Nutrition BCAA caps
Champion Nutrition Muscle Nitro PM
Champion Nutrition Power Creatine
Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine (post workout)
Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter Core (intra workout)
Champion Nutrition Whey (post workout/1 scoop)

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