Wednesday, April 18, 2012

17 DAYS OUT!!!! &^#$&%&

Really?!? 17 fuckin days already?!!?!?
Ready or not, this show is coming up with the quickness and now it's time to step it up....

I had my mid-week check in with Joe this morning..scale, pics, the whole sha-bang and OMG my weight is STILL dropping! I damn near had a heart attack when I saw 110.8lbs (((jaw drop)))
I never, ever thought I'd see 110lbs again and here I sit just over 2 Weeks from taking the stage and I am already at my previous show weight....with BETTER conditioning and size! That is what this is all about...bringing MY best! I took a quick run through my quarter turns and even though I was half asleep and didn't feel like taking pics, I can definitely SEE the changes. Overall, I got the thumbs up from the boss...he's happy with the way that I am coming in but no time to let up. He sent over some tweaks to my program and we are giving it a final push!

Lemme be real here...
I feel like shit LOL! Ok, that may be a weeeee but dramatic, but I am tired..hungry and very...VERY irritable. I know shocking right?!? As if I'm not bitchy enough when I'm well rested and fed *eyeroll* I can tell that everything is pretty much hitting me right about now...My strength and energy in the gym are sluggish, I am VERY short tempered...literally everything...and nothing is pissing me off. Mentally, I am so ADD and scatter brained..It's really annoying to be honest, I hate feeling like an idiot. I was actually asked if I was on drugs LMFAO!!!!! I cant pay attention to save my life, I'm incredibly forgetful..I'd lose my head if it weren't attached and I am just generally "out of it".

That's about it, short and sweet cause I could ramble on and on and it would basically amount to nothing...

It's not easy, but I'm giving it my EVERYTHING...or what's left of me :)
Ok, so here is the new course of action til my next check in.....

2.5wks out!!!!

35g Fat/80g Carb/130g Protein (low)
35g Fat/110g Carb/130g Protein (med)

35g Fat/130g Carb/130g Protein (high)

4 45 min SS sessions per week
3 HIIT sessions per week (20 cycles)

Champion Nutrition Fish Oil
Champion Nutrition Thermo Gold *Thank you, sweet baby jesus!!!!
Champion Nutrition BCAA caps
Champion Nutrition Muscle Nitro PM
Champion Nutrition Power Creatine
Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine (post workout)

Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter Core (intra workout)

Champion Nutrition Whey (post workout/1 scoop)

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