Monday, April 23, 2012

12 Days and counting!

Yes, seriously...
12 Days Out!!!!

I've been rolling along with the changes the boss made after my last check in and in a nutshell I am a cranky, hungry, tired bitch..but, at this point, it is what it is. I followed up with him this morning, nothing exciting to report, weight is holding steady at 110.8lbs and I'll be touching base with him again mid week to send updated pictures and get my FINAL plan! SO FUCKIN EXCITED!!!!!!! *happy dance*

As far as how I am feeling...I think clusterfuck would sum me up LOL!
Seriously, I am exhausted...all the time! After nearly 18 weeks of prepping, dieting and training...NEVER a missed meal or gym session..I am so ready to do this. My energy levels are shot and I am pretty much useless by noon anymore. A restful night of sleep is hard to come by...I'm hot, I'm cold, I toss and turn..I get up to pee and then my growling stomach keeps me up..WIN! My workouts are just sad to be honest and each cardio session makes me want to vomit, but I'm getting it done. I am super irritable and snappy about everything and anything..for the most part, I just want to be left alone. I've come close to throwing my phone at the wall cause I just don't want to be bothered. I'm typically a very lazy person, but it's at a whole new level now...If it's not training/diet/prep related...There's a pretty good chance it's not getting done :)
Now, with all that complaining out of the way..I am also amped the fuck up to do this! I can see the finish line and it's crazy to think I'm so close. At this point, I am running on pure desire and will carry me through.

Random musings:
*I still haven't tried on my suit...I'm scared Imma fuck something up.
*My daily headache has kicked in.
*Technology frustrates me. I still have to burn my CD for my Twalk and I am hoping to accomplish this without smashing my laptop.
*If one more person tells me how "lucky" I am or asks why I don't "look like this" all year round, Imma stab them in the throat. Let that be a warning.
*Aside from taking the stage, I am UBER excited for a weekend with my girls.
*Did you hear that?!?! Yea, that was my tummy :/
*Ritz crackers with PB would blow my mind right now!
*Aside from my feedings, the 20min I get in the tanning bed is the highlight of my day...and not just for the mint, but it's pretty delicious.

And before I go browse some food porn......
I want to take a quick moment and congratulate all the competitors who took to the stage this past weekend at the OCB Beyond Nutrition Natural in Burlington, NJ. Regardless of placings etc..You should ALL be proud of your journey. It was a fantastic show..from the promoter, to the expediters and everyone involved. It was great seeing everyone..Meeting new competitors and seeing the progression of others.
I look forward to seeing you all again....

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